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Watec 910HX

Watec 910XH – One way to make the 910HX resemble a progressive scan camera (i.e., noninterlaced video) is to set the exposure setting at “2x”. This setting causes each field to be exposed for the full 0.0333 seconds of the frame, with both the top and bottom field being exposed simultaneously. This is very different from the exposure when set to “1x”, at which each field is exposed for only half of the frame time. This also increases the sensitivity of the camera. Further, it results in an adjustment in the interpretation of the inserted times. The time adjustments have been thoroughly
investigated by Gerhard Dangl, Bob Anderson, and others. (See http://www.dangl.at/ausruest/vid_tim/vid_tim1.htm#correction ) Note that, due to the differences of this camera, it needs an adjustment to the time inserted by the VTI even when on the 1x setting.

Kamery Watec – luty 2014 – firma Krieg Videotechnik, D-74629 Pfedelbach:

S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 525EX2 0.002 lx, Int./Ext. Sync 12 VDC 480,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 902B 0.003 lx hochempfindlich 12 VDC 310,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 902H2-Supreme 0.0003 lx hochempfindlich 12 VDC 375,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 902H2-Ultimate 0.0001 lx hochempfindlich 12 VDC 455,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 910HX 0.000005 lx ultra-hochempfindlich 12 VDC 720,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 910HX/RC 0.000005 lx, mit Remote Control 12 VDC 720,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 902HB2S PCB, 0.0003 lx, Ex-view Sensor 12 VDC 375,-
S/W-Kamera 1/2″ WAT 910BD PCB, 0.000005 lx; Ex-view Sensor 12 VDC 630,-
S/W-Kamera 1/3″ WAT 137LH 0.002 lx, Line Lock/Int. Sync 24VAC/2VDC 285,-
S/W-Kamera 1/3″ WAT 535EX2 0.003 lx, Int./Ext. Sync 12 VDC 410,-
S/W-Kamera 1/3″ WAT 902H3-Supreme 0.0005 lx hochempfindlich 12 VDC 350,-
S/W-Kamera 1/3″ WAT 902H3-Ultimate 0.0002 lx hochempfindlich 12 VDC 430,-
S/W-Kamera 1/3″ WAT 902HB3S PCB, 0.0006 lx, Ex-view Sensor 12 VDC 340,-

  • Another important point to enhance the accuracy of light measurement with the Watec 910 cameras: set IRE to 7.5 for NTSC to avoid loss of background brightness. This setting is under the “Adjust” menu. (Mine came from the store with a factory setting of IRE = 0.)
  • just a reminder to those using WAT910 cameras, use the camera with Sense-up=OFF and set the integration rate using the Shutter setting.
  • test kamery Wates 910BD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP8d58DJRqQ 
  • test kamery Watec 120N+: http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/watec120n/test.htm
  • Another note is that the first 910HX cameras (numery poniżej 1000) were using less sensitive chips compared to the 910BD and the later 910HX cameras