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Zakrycie 28 Sgr przez Tytana – 3 lipca 1989

This is the best observed atmospheric occultation ever recorded:
On 1989 July 3 a famous occultation of 28 Sgr by Titan was observed by many observers all over Europe.
198 individual observations. A central flash was also observed.
35 from Belgium
17 from the former Czechoslovakia
2 from Switzerland
17 from the former Federal Rep. of Germany
2 from Denmark
25 from Spain
25 from France
2 from Greece
9 from Hungary
5 from Italy
1 from Ireland
30 from The Netherlands
17 from Poland
2 from Romania
2 from Finland
7 from United Kingdom

Of course, at that time most of the observations were visual.
It was reported only 6 video observations and 3 photoelectric ones.

You will find the complete list following this link:


and two partial studies performed by Henk Bulder following these links:



Tryton 2017 – the Lucky Star project has received 66 positive reports of the Triton event, 24 of them detecting the central flash.