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Cartes du Ciel (Sky Charts) Addin for Occult Watcher

  1. Please download the latest version (v.1.06  from Aug, 2020) of addin as a *.ZIP file, size 10 kB.
  2. Unzip the DLL file into the OW folder.
  3. Exit from OW and then restart, in order to see the addin in the list
  4. Go to the Add-ins tab -> Configure Add-in -> “OW SkyChart Addin”
  5. Right click on the selected occultation event and than chose “Show event in SkyChart”.
  6. As in the C2A and Guide addins, the program will open star map and occulted star will be in the middle, seen in mid-event time from Occult Watcher.
  7. If the star is not in the center, change the coordinate display settings in CdC: Go to Setup -> Chart, coordinates -> Type of coordinates and change from “Apparent” to “Astrometric J2000”.
  8. Whether the asteroid will be visible in the center of the field of view also depends on the settings in the CdC. Go to Setup -> Solar System -> Asteroid and play with the settings.

The latest version  includes two initial configuration options:
– setproj: setting star field projection as ALTAZ/EQUAT/GALACTIC/ECLIPTIC
– setfov – settong of fild size , range from 0.0 to 360 deg with 0.5 deg precision